Rookies products are of the high quality, Thereof well crafted & fashionable. Craftsmanship goes beyond mere technical quality. It is by people with skilled hands & brains, but, most importantly, rookies is made with love of doing it.

Rookies is constructed into the model silhouette with attention given to good authentic sewing and details.

Ambition to contribute to the better world is developing more sustainable products and reducing impact an the environment with a vision for continuous improvement. Our energy and efforts are directed to words - making clothing that fits better, looks better, and feels better, without compromising.

Washing is an art

Creating a wash with the right color, pattern and attitude requires huge amount of feeling. That’s why we never stop working on washes. The thoroughness is based on the scientific connection between the fabric and the wash: a bad was is devastating for a beautiful fabric and the bad fabric devastating for a beautiful wash.